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Fishing the Lake Huron waters of Port Austin,
Drummond Island and Lake Michigan from Frankfort
Lake Trout Recipes and Myths


Lovely Lady with Lake TroutHave you ever heard that Lake Trout are greasy? This is not the case on Lake Huron anymore. In the last few years, Lake Trout diets have changed from Alewives to Smelt, and the strain of Trout planted are different than in the old days. The result is a very lean, outstanding eating fish with very little fat.

lake trout recipese
Please try these following recipes:

(1) Dan's Favorite gluten/soy free fish fry:

Remove all dark meat, cut fish into small pieces, moisten, and shake in a ziplock bag with a mix of corn flour and old bay seasoning, or substitute seasoning of your choice. Deep fry or pan fry in peanut oil, or sunflower oil at 375 degrees.


(2) Remove all dark meat from trout, and cook on foil covered grill using real butter. Season with Lawrys, and/or lemon pepper. Spread Bullseye barbecue sauce over fish, turn, and spread sauce again. Let cook for a short while, then repeat barbecue sauce step again. The lake trout oils come out during initial cooking process, then barbecue sauce soaks into the flesh.

(3) A simple but great frying recipe: use Drakes crispy fry mix, and mix with Guiness beer to a “loose” pancake batter consistency. Coat small pieces of fish and deep fry until dark brown at 360-370 degrees. The deep flavor of Guiness will render a great tasting fried fish.

(4) For smoked trout: Mix 2 lbs canning salt (non-iodized) and 2 lbs dark brown sugar in 4-5 gallons of water. Brine fish 48-72 hours, keeping the brine as cold as possible. Pat dry, and let dry for another 2 hours. Smoke fish 2-4 hours, but don’t let temperature exceed 170. This longer brine and lighter salt makes a great smoked fish, without the usual over salty taste. Smoked lake trout is hard to beat!

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Enjoy your catch!
Captain Dan

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